What Makes us Different

Five different automotive brands. Group Functions. Trade specialists. VWG UK has a unique culture, built on diversity, difference and a friendly rivalry that inspires us all. Across our brands, we learn from each other, encourage each other and regularly challenge each other to think differently. Career journeys can take many twists and turns, moving across larger and smaller brands, into project work or even onto a global level within the wider Group. How your career develops is up to you. We’re just here to support you, encourage you and give you the training you need to fulfil your potential and achieve your goals.


With iconic products such as the Beetle and the Golf GTI, very few manufacturers can claim to have produced as many legendary cars as Volkswagen. Our brand holds a special place in people’s imagination. But we’re not surviving on past glories. We’re just as innovative, contemporary and passionate about design as we always have been – so there’s a real sense of opportunity, progression and drive in everything our people do.

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Everybody knows about ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’. But for us, it’s more than just a slogan. It represents our commitment to combining beautiful design with operational excellence. A way of working with a way of thinking. We’re dedicated to leading the premium car market in everything from product management to people development. So a career with Audi is, quite simply, a mark of excellence.

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Since 1895, ŠKODA has been winning people over. In recent times, we’ve won more than just new customers: we’ve gained 50 industry awards, including Which? Magazine’s Manufacturer of the Year for 2013, as well as topping the Auto Express Driver Power Survey for 2013. We’ve also been ranked in the top 10 by JD Power for the past 20 years for customer satisfaction. ‘Simply Clever’ defines our approach: combining innovative ideas with a genuine appreciation of what our customers want.

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On the rise in the UK, SEAT combines Spanish passion with German precision. We are driven by emotional technology, a love of design and the sheer thrill of dynamic movement. That’s the spirit of SEAT and we like people who show the same enthusiasm for our brand. We call this SEATTITUDE. The desire to stand out, be better, improve on what you did yesterday, no matter where the journey takes you.

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VW Commercial

Quality. Reliability. These are the keys to Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. For over 60 years, we’ve been working closely with, learning from and delivering for organisations large and small, throughout the UK. It means that we’ve become the wheels that keep organisations going in the right direction – creating business partnerships that last by providing vehicles that perform.

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All VWG Brands have these exciting departments…

Sales Operations

Sales Operations are the driving force behind the new and used car sales in the UK for Volkswagen Group. Responsible for every aspect of the sales cycle, Sales Operations manage the cars from order to delivery and ensure that the retailer network deliver the desired customer experience in line with our ambition. Fast paced and highly energised the Sales Operation function has the closest working relationship with our franchise partners and are therefore closest to our customers.

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Service & Parts

It’s important to remember that our retail sites are not purely sales functions. They also offer customers servicing and repairs, so the relationship continues long after initial purchase. Each brand therefore has a Service & Parts Operation that interfaces directly with our retail network. It enables us to ensure that retailers are fully stocked and equipped to provide an outstanding service, as well as being able to provide parts at a manageable cost to the reseller. It’s an important part of our aftersales commitment: the quality and speed of our servicing is a vital long-term customer loyalty tool, so we work hard to make sure that our retailers have the training and support they need to meet brand standards.

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Each brand has its own marketing function and there are constant opportunities to break new ground. There’s lots of connectivity with the global brand values, with a constant stream of product stories to deliver through a huge range of local marketing opportunities. Exploiting digital platforms and creating viral campaigns. Supporting new product launches with TV, press and ambient media. Maximising presence at high profile events such as Goodwood Festival of Speed. It’s an exciting, inventive and multi-dimensional mix.

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Customer Quality and Network Development

This team works closely with Group Customer Quality, supplying quality data and insight to influence strategic decision-making. We also act as the brand interface with our Retail Network, managing issues such as Partner Certification, Corporate Identity, Composite and Financial Performance, Representation & Capacity Planning, Cost of Franchise and Performance Management. Finally, we support people development within our Network, helping teams to gain qualifications, access technical training and build their brand knowledge.

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Planning & Supply

The Planning & Supply team works closely with our retail network to ensure that we have everything in place to sell our cars quickly, effectively and at the right price. As a function, it means that we impact on and influence a number of different areas and help the business to answer some critical questions. Do we have the right finance in place to support our retailers? Are our propositions compelling enough and do we have the market intelligence to explore new channels? Do we have the right network contracts in place for each model, to ensure that the right vehicles get to the right dealers, to generate the best sales? By getting the planning right, we can maximise output from our factories and give our retailers the best opportunities to sell.

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Press & PR

Each brand has its own Press & PR department responsible for telling its stories to the media. The collective aim of a team is to raise awareness of a brand through editorial coverage in national, regional and online media and ensuring that in doing so, the brand is perceived in line with its core values. Activities in the departments are wide ranging; from providing a regular supply of loan vehicles for UK media outlets to test and write about, and from running multi-day ride and drive events for a new product launch, to being a spokesperson for the media regarding a customer issue.

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