Different Because We Care

Volkswagen Group UK Limited (VWGUK) is proud to be part of a global business that is recognised for its social performance. Our CSR Policy makes us different because we care through six aims. These are for us to be:

a great place to work, and an employer of choice for the best new talent

  • work with our Employee Forum to give staff a strong voice in business decisions.
  • encourage and support staff charity and community activities, financially and in kind.
  • maintain best-practice employment policies.
  • reach out to current and future staff through our website and through social media.

a responsible citizen, both locally and globally

  • support social, cultural and sustainable business activities in our local communities.
  • avoid products linked with exploitation, threatened resources, conflict or human rights abuses.
  • work with our suppliers to make sure they support our aims, and help them where necessary.

straightforward, fair dealing, and good to do business with

  • keep our business relationships ethical, transparent, respectful and simple.
  • work with everyone who represents us, including dealers, to help them do the same.

a beneficial, responsible stakeholder and partner

  • share our experience and give honest opinions and advice.
  • take a full part in business groups, locally and nationally.
  • recognise our role as a substantial employer, and use our influence wisely.

a safe, responsible and valued company for investors and employees

  • help investors know us as a sound economic and reputational investment